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1. The Customer is entitled to cancel, refuse to receive, return or replace the ordered products, in the specified cases, by completing a Standard Form for Exercising the Right of Withdrawal from the Contract, as per Annex 1 to the General Terms and Conditions.

2. The Customer may cancel the products, ordered for purchase, before the delivery, while it has not yet been handed over to a courier and its status is “being processed“ in Customer’s own profile. The cancellation of  purchase order can be made through Customer’s user profile, following the link with the details for the specific order

3. The Customer may refuse to receive the ordered product, if it is delivered under one of the following circumstances:

·         The delivered product evidently does not correspond to the one, ordered by the Customer and this can be established through a normal inspection.

·         the price, which the Customer has to pay does not correspond to the actual amount due.

·         If the transportation package is damaged, resulting in a defect/damage to the ordered product.

In these cases a notice must be sent immediately to English Home SRL

4. The Customer is entitled to return / replace the purchased and delivered products, under the following conditions:

·        Please click on this link and fill in the information on the page 


The return voucher is identical to the original AWB number (Numbers on the received delivery)(please add the letters RV before the code starting with the number 8)

 Тhe return request will be fulfilled and the courier from Speedy will contact you within 72 hours to pick up the delivery.

          Tel: +359 87 892 8021 (At the price of a conversation with VIVACOM, according to subscriber’s tariff plan)

·         Within a time period not longer than 30 calendar days – without specifying any reason and without having to pay any compensation or forfeits, or any other additional amounts, with the exception of the costs for returning the products,

·         In case of discrepancy between the products ordered and those delivered, which could not have been established at the moment of delivery.

·         The product return request must be submitted in writing (by email, through the user profile) or verbally (by telephone) within 30 calendar days, starting from the date of receiving the order.

·         The return product request must contain the personal bank account of the Customer, where the amount, paid by the Customer shall be refunded.

·         The goods must be in a proper commercial state, in its original packaging, with the original labels, accompanied by the original documents, issued by English Home SRL – invoice and payment receipt.

·         In case of replacement, the customer shall agree with a representative of English Home SRL the address, where he/she wishes to receive the replacement product.

5. The Customer may not return/replace the following types of products:

·         Custom made products, manufactured to user’s order or in accordance with his/her individual requirements;

·         Products, which due to their nature are subject to quality impairment or have a short shelf-life;

·         Sealed products, unsealed upon delivery, which cannot be returned for health and hygienic reasons;

·         Products, which upon their delivery and due to their nature, have been mixed with other products, from which these cannot be separated; 


1. According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, English Home SRL shall refund to the Customer the amount paid, within 7 business days after the date, when the customer has exercised his/her right to return the goods, as follows:

·         For canceled orders, if the payment has already been received – the amount of the products paid and the price of the delivery.

·         For returned/replaced products, through the fault of English Home SRL – the price of the respective products and all the transport costs are refunded.

·         For products, returned/replaced at Customer’s request – the price of the returned product and the original deliver are refunded. If the User exercises his/her right to withdraw from the contract, the direct costs for returning the products, are paid by the User.

2. The refunds are made, only if all the conditions of the “CANCELLATION, RETURNS” have been met.

3. English Home SRL reserves its right not to refund the amount, paid by the Customer, if one or more of the products returning conditions have not been met.

4. English Home SRL shall not collect itself any products, in case of withdrawal from the contract by the Customer.