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English Home

English Home continues to bring a fresh energy to your house, enrich your decoration, comfort your lifezone with its interior designs. English Home with its textile home products are unique with its kitchen, bathroom, living room, clothing, decoration, baby&kid clothing, personal care and cosmetics categories. Покажи Повече

Renew Your Home With House Textiles 

English Home continues to bring modest and aesthetic products to your home that you've been searching for it. Various, colourful and attractive duvet sets can be used in bedrooms, kid and teen rooms. Duvet sets are separated in three categories as single size, double size and king size that made from special patterns to provide you an unique quality of sleeping. 

Thanks to English Home's bed sheet and fitted bed sheet alternatives you can spend your time in bed feeling more comfored. Bed sheets or fitted bed sheets can be bought with the duvet sets or separately. 
Via bed sheets you can take your bed under protection while sleeping and provide your skin to touch soft and comfy pieces. 

Turn Your Bedspreads into Accessory

English Home bedpreads and plain coverlets are important pieces that change your bedroom decoration. Plain coverlets that harmonize your room decoration and camouflage your bed at the same time, can be manufactured as suite, summer, winter, single, double and multi-purpose use. 

Coverlets made of muslin, cotton, polyester, jacquard, quilted, organic cotton, jerseyed help you get a different view for your bedroom. 
However coverlets are preffered in summer and spring times, they can be used as decorative purpose for winter and autumn. Compared with bedspreads, coverlets are more thinner and made from cottton materials which help your bedroom to be more comfortable. 
Goose feather, orthopedic pillow, silicone pillow alternatives help your neck, head and shoulder out. Wool, goose feather, cotton, microfiber quilt options gives you a comfort and warmth for four seasons. 

Feel the Cotton Touch With Elegant Designs

Essential blankets for winter by English home gives you a comfort with its different textile, warmth and aesthetic. You can use Zigzag Waffle, Soffty Folk, Urban, Mark blanket everyday in a year because of their fine and cotton textile also you can check our latest modern traditional thick blankets in Bedroom category. Select your home textiles which will match your bedroom concept like; Modern, Authentic, Retro, Minimalist etc. considering your room colour and design. You can choose light-colored home textiles for small bedrooms and darker colours to change the perspective of your large rooms. At English Home you can find geometric patterns, flower ornament, printed, spotted and lined designs. If you wish you can choose relative colours for your bedroom and get a perfect harmony. In English Home you can find various blankets and bedspreads with sizes 160x240, 220x240, 150x220 cm for your bed.

Prepare Eye-Catching Tables with Kitchenwares

English Home is with you on your special days like dinings, preparings for your special guests with its visiual richness and exclusive designs! Products like placemats&presentation products, bowl, table preparings will enrich your tables by changing your decoration habits. Placemats that will match your tablecloth will change your kitchen's energy. If you want to change the energy in your kitchen, entegrate your home decoration with a perfect table also you can choose tablecoths with candleholder that will complete each other and specialize your important days. 

Cup Set: For Your Tea&Coffee Times


Elegant cup sets that you can use at any time of day, provide you a unique look for coffee and tea mood. Cup sets which are made from porcelain can be seen as flower designed, geometric shapes, gold lines and English style. Sets can be manufactured as two and six pieces or different numbers.Cups with their elegant and special designs are manufactured as different colours, form and themes. English Home's teawares and water bottles bring cristal and bamboo together while enriching your daily tea and beverages presentations. You can check Kitchen-Table category to find elegant tea&coffee products and choose the right product for you that will represent your style. If you wish you can check carafe alternatives and add original pieces to your table collection. 

Functional Kitchen Tools 

English Home continues to exhilarate your time in kitchen with its funtional, unique products. Kitchen tools, kitchen textile, cooking tools and time-saving organizing tools exhilarate your time in kitchen. Vacuumed storage boxes with their long term storage capacity are made of steel, glass, plastic, melamine and on-demand they can be bought separately or multiple. Your leftover foods, breakfasts, fruits and other foods can be hold in this storage boxes that you can find as approximately 14 cm, 16 cm and 18 cm sizes. 

Storage boxes that will store your breakfasts will also help you to store your leftover foods. Storage boxes made of bamboo caps, glass, ceramic help you get a colourful and fresh view with their special designs and forms. Travelling mugs that you can use in your house and workplace, keeps your drinks hot or cold. Costumers can find mug formed travelling mugs which will answer needs like; being on traffic, on travels and all outdoor usages. English Home with its cooking tools continues to offer you life-saving alternatives like cake mold, pan, ovenware, grill and teapot. There are also cookie cutters, cake molds. English Home's Modest and Jardin named collection consists granite pot alternatives that are nonflammable and nonstick. In Enlish Home you can also find rustproof pots. Pots are made of 18/10 level steel which helps it to be an enduring product and can be bought as single or double. Pot sizes can be found as 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm and 26 cm. 

Bathroom Mats, Bathroom Carpets and More Laundry baskets, bathroom mats to enrich your bathroom, bathrobe to comfort your bathroom mood and bath towels can be found in English Home. Bathrobes category spreads into 3; woman, man and kids. While their water absorbent level is high, their colours are mink, dusty rose, lavender pink, damson, mint green, beige. 

In order to use it for summer times you can find the right size for you like; S, M, L, XL. Bathroom mats sized 60x90 cm, 60x100 cm are manufactured as classic English Home style that will freshen your bathroom. If you want you can buy the bathroom mats as set or you can buy them separately. You can check our dual bathroom mat sets for your bathroom. For your bathroom, you can check face and hand towels or tricolette towels for your kitchen and bathroom. 

Carpet-Rug For Your Home
English Home change your floors and makes it more comfortable, soft and elegant at the same time with its carpet and rug designs. Carpet alternatives as representative for an elegant simplicity made of bamboo, jacquard, chenille, printed, cotton can find an answer for your searchings. Nonskid surface sized products 80x150 cm, 120x180 cm, 80x140 cm, 160x230 cm, 150x200 cm helps to complete your home decorations. Carpets that you can use in your living room, bedroom, teen room, entry, kitchen are produced as digital printed, geometric figured, retro. Carpets produced from cotton and poliester are resistant to taints. It enriches different decoration types with its reinforced varieties to provide moisture and mold.

Combine Your Imagination with Decoration Products
English Home with its various product colection in Home Decoration Accesory category help you feel more comfy during your TV mood alongside TV blankets and throw pillows compatible your sofa colours. Home decoration accesory category including romantic cubes, snow globes, abundance birds, functional products like TV blanket bring together with customers.Decorative products as buffets, dinner table, coffee table, TV units and bookselves can also be used in bedrooms and entry. Candlesticks that create elegant view in your bedrooms will create impressive view in your decorations. 
Artificial flowers in our Decoration Category combined with vase models create elegant views. English Home vases are manufactured as 30 cm, 24 cm, 19 cm instead of regular view. Vase colors and textures are like; amber, gold, beige, coral, crystal etc. Decorative boxes and baskets are just some of most preferred decoration products. You can prefer baskets to organize your house and also to get an elegant view.

Baby Duvet Set: Comfy Choices For Your Baby
English Home is with the families that want the best for their babies. Duvet Set alternatives which you can find in Baby&Kid category made from cotton materials to provide your baby's sleeping quality. While duvet sets, pillowcases and bedsheets embellish baby rooms with their antibacterial patterns they also protect your baby's life. Generally 100x150 sized baby duvet sets can be used for bassinet, basket crib and similar crib types. Starting from your baby's first months with its cuddlesome baby blanket alternatives, English Home provides you comfy and warm moments. Pyjamas with compatible colours for babies and adults give extra comfort during sleep. 


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