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Chance of Winning Gift Coupon Raffle for every 100 BGN of shopping. Chance of Winning Gift Coupon for Every Order over 100 BGN.

*for one customer


What is "Happy Friday" Campaign?

1 raffle for every 100 amount of shopping

Each Friday, a determined product will be given as a gift by drawing lots among our customers who shop over 100 BGN. All our customers who shopped for 100 BGN or more have automatically participated in the campaign and will not need to take any extra action. Decide the product to be gifted on Happy Friday by voting on Facebook/Instagram story every Wednesday.

How do I join?

It should create an order on the Friday determined over 100 BGN amount. Our customer must be a member of our web site. Shopping over every 100 BGN gives 1 raffle.


How To Explain Results?

Every Friday, 1 lucky customer will be selected from the orders and the gift coupon will be sent to the customer. The results will be announced on the next Happy Friday. You can check the results of the lottery on our social media accounts with your order id.