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Our Story

English Home, which set off with the passion to help you create your dream home by carrying the period trends to your homes at affordable prices, soon gained the appreciation of those who care about their home and love decoration. Going beyond the classic English style, bringing peace, comfort and romance to your living spaces with products backed by country details, English Home continues to offer you all the products that help you create your dream home, from your bedrooms to your bathrooms, living rooms to kitchens and baby rooms.

Our Desire

English Home, where you spend all your time; It aims to create a peaceful environment in your living space where you work, rest, spend time with your loved ones, sleep and dream, and prepares each piece in its collection with this in mind.

Expert Team in the Field

English Home's design team, which promises liveliness and freshness to your rooms with both quality and affordable products, follows the latest trends for you while at the same time, it welcomes you in its stores with its trained sales staff and smiling face.

English Home is Everywhere

English Home offers you easy accessibility, with more than 290 stores and online shopping options in Turkey, and more than 110 stores in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Poland.