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Human Resources

English Home goes beyond the classic English style, bringing peace, comfort and romance to living spaces with affordable home textiles and decoration products supported by different details.In 2009, 3 stores Turgut joined Aydin Holding İngilizce Home, home textiles to create a new fashion with a wide range of products of high quality and stylish design from each other in the retail industry, came a short time a leading position in Turkey. Continuing to grow with a 40% foreign partnership established in 2012, English Home continues to grow with its own stores abroad in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Poland, while offering more than 300 stores and online shopping options to its guests.

If you want to be in a working environment where you can work excitedly, learn while working, develop yourself by learning, and be proud of both you and your growing institution, you can apply to our postings on Secretcv.com , or send your resume via ik@englishhome.com.tr